A Liar's Guide to the Dreams..

In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

August 24, 2009

I'm Working... I Am!!

As a lot of people who don't read this blog shall observe... I am a workaholic.

I say... I just love my work.

August 13, 2009


There's something

In a broken piece, that feels

As fragile as china, as precious as gold


I left my self running in the streets where

You once pretended

That nothing went wrong

And I look now in your precious eyes

And see nothing

Feel nothing

Think nothing

For no thing can think nothing.

The worlds are blankly staring

As your wild eyes glaze over me and find an empty space

And no, no, no, you ingested me well enough

To know these 'no's actually mean nothing


Since I am now beyond that

Why not sit with a glass of wine,

And see, see? There's nothing left to feel about,

What I once was, now is roaming in the darkened streets of this city

Following your shadows

And chasing your dreams.

Dream a Little...

I found my first diary today. It came from an era when I was a child... and I wrote down my dreams.

On a strange turn of thoughts, I decided to write down my present dreams.

I could not write them... the pen scrolled down meaningless letters that never made sense to me.

August 10, 2009


Pyaar ye jaane kaisa hai

Kya kahein ye kuchh aisa hai

Kabhi dard ye deta hai kabhi chein ye deta hai

Kabhi gam deta hai kabhi khushi deta hai

Oh god.

August 01, 2009


It says, life always brings you to a full circle. When I was a little girl with ambitions to become a dog trainer someday, I dreamt of swanning inside the premises of my school with all the teachers staring at the exceptionally well-behaved dogs accompanying me. In class VIII, somewhere in the midst of Deepika Ma'am's class, the dogs got transformed to humans. My teacher told me to be strong and pursue my dreams. And I dreamt of reading storybooks all my life, and explain the stories to people.

I didn't even know when my storybooks were exchanged for the heavier tomes of commercial gains. I choked myself in them. Whatever was new to me got lost in the heavy dullness of mathematical precision. I wanted to close my eyes and fade far away.

Then came the time when I reacted. I refused to continue my miseries further and decided to do what I wanted to do. Xavier's was my saviour. The enormous halls enclosed me in their safety and I got lost in the thousands of books I began to sample. I was poorer than a church mouse and loved it. It seemed like a whirlwind, the three years I spent there. JU was surreal and I was bemused and dazed for being suddenly thrown into a world where work beckoned.

And so I worked.

And then came a time when I moved back. I got a call and I was going back to school.

Only this time, when I pass a student, he says, "good morning ma'am."

My teachers, the severe critics of my childhood, sing praises and welcome me with open arms.

I am 25. I just went back to school. Its changed, yes. So have I. And now I can finally look at the days of my life in school without cringing in fear or shock. Now I accept it.