A Liar's Guide to the Dreams..

In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

February 12, 2006

Bhyalentine De Bashonti

Okay... so this post is concerned with the last week when, since they would'nt be able to roam around with me on V-day, people started to take me around to give me a nice 'be-single-its-good' treat. The first one was on 7th when my best buddy A took me to watch Rang De Basanti with her. No... this will not start one of those arguments over the making of the movie... I will talk about the hazards of seeing a movie in Kolkata. I will enumerate only the top 3features that readers might find similar to their own experiences...


At precisely 5 minutes before the movie was about to start, A called. "Honey, where are you? I am at the cinema hall... I can't find you anywhere."

Panu: " So am I. Where Are you?"

A: " Am right in front of the hall."

P: "So am I. Where are you? I have the tickets with me. The show's about to start in 5 minutes."

A: "Can't be. Its not 1:00 yet."

P: " No its from 12:30. Dammit where the hell are you?"

A: "Am right in front of M*****. Where are you?"

P: "OH F*** b***** you're in front of the wrong bloody Hall!!! I am in front of N****!!!"

A(panics): "What do I do NOW??"

P: "Take a cab. FAST!!"

A: "Right. OK... "

Result : The first time we were about 20 minutes late to the show.


In every movie one must encounter one sordid creature who takes great relish to spoil. One of them (on the net is RIMI) by chance sat next to me and then started the double narrative:

1) Film: Captain Ajay Rathod (R MADHAVAN) is carried by all the other guys in a mock-funeral march.

Spoiler: Ebaar o shotti more jaabe!! (now he'll really die)

Panu seethes but Amir is onscreen... so she refuses to let a marauding bi*** get to her.

2) Film: Amir Khan & Siddharth kills the defece minister.

Spoiler: Ebaar o Radio Statione giye bolbe orai murder koreche (now they will go to the radio station and confess their crime) (her partner gives a little "Tai?" after this disclosure).

Panu is really mad... but refuses to stoop so far to grace these lowly mortals with an answer.


The ugly scene of Riot goes on .. the whole hall is silent and mourning...

Suddenly silence breaks with two dimwitted twitsters who decide to discuss their individual happenings

Dimwit 1: janish tarpor Srijonike giye amra sabai jiggesh korlam... tui ki really oke eta bolechis??(do you know, after that we all asked srijoni whether she did tell him that?)

Dimwit 2: O ki bollo? (what did she say?)

D 1: O bollo je na, actually naki o boleni... hee hee hee hee...( She said no she did not say that actually...)

Panu: Amarder bhul hoyeche cinemata dekhte esechhi... eta to adda maraar jayga... Tai na?? (We mistkenly came to see the movie... this is a place to chat, is'nt it?)

Anyway... for those who want to know if I enjoyed or hated the movie... for them here's my answer.... YES!! I did!! After Mangal Pandey's disappointment, RDB is DEFINITELY an improvement.


Anonymous said...


Thanks to land on my blog & spend some times in sharing your thoughts..

Rang De Basanti, saturday i went to watch...liked its background music & concept..

But I'm confussed where was the crew to shoot for Sue film...only these 5 guys & soha..

acting..everybody great..esp...Sidhhartha, who plays Karan...cool!!

welcome again..

panu said...

ty roy. I too was startled to see this little thingy... but then again, they say ... galper goru gache othe(in a story, cows climb on trees).

Well, it was as close to perfection they could get

the still dancer said...

umm...probably should've been replying at s&c, but thanks for quoting my favourite bit of eliotean weirdness. as in the madman and geranium bit, you know. mane I wonder how many madmen he saw in his life shaking blue geraniums in his life. ah well, that's ol' tom. sigh!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ms. Panu (should that be translated the usual way i.e. "porno"? Tahole ki naam 'Porna'?) - no thanks for saying much the same thing that I was planning to. Coincidentally, there was a guy in front of me who talked TO the characters on-screen. You know the type?

And Orc, I remember a madman shaking a dead geranium (midnight shakes the memory etc.) When did TSE mention a BLUE geranium?


Anonymous said...


It's not like that being in Mumbai I dont know anything abt bengali..
yeah we rarely talk in bengali or dont write too much in bengali (only one bengali song i hv ever written)...
but in heart still bengali madam..

all the best..

panu said...

Still dancer - I find that madmen bit a bit incredible... but then again... So was Eliot. Incredible, I mean.

JAP- Do You dare disturb this ancient woman's Universe?? ;)
You are one O off...

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Maane iye aar ki, I had to drop by after your question on my blog ... bolchhi ki .. (ah-hrrm) .. maane ki kore boli bolo, kone golpo gulo tomaar lekha shetaa toh jaani naa, taai tomaar lekha holud-cellophane-cover-er golpo aami porhechhi ki naa, shetaa toh bolte paarbo naa.

Maane jeta bolchhilaam maane, aar ki, oporadh neben naa khukumoni.


panu said...

dekhun Prufrock kaku...(mane, ami khuku to apni definitely kaku)

oi sab gappo apnar sojhho nao hote pare. Ektu modern kina apni, Post modern hole hoyto hoto. Tai ar poralam na.


Anonymous said...

Lol, you said it Senorita. Why bring punka** ratbrains to movies? They spoil the whole experience. That's why ami baalish o coke niye HBO/star movies dekhte boshe jayi. Poisa neyi, why spend 80/90 bucks on some movie, doesn't matter how good it is.Espescially, when you get all the movies on tv within 1 year of their release.

panu said...

aragorn- So do I... Great Minds think alike i guess

panu said...

aragorn- So do I... Great Minds think alike i guess