A Liar's Guide to the Dreams..

In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

May 20, 2008


The wind burst and breathed around me,

Twirling in naked magery, the short

Spurts of musky rain enveloping

My very soul.

Its going to rain.

Rain creeps up and soaks all

With its dim moistness, swirling

Its way into the bones of the coconut

Trees, and the almond shaped drops

Soaked me to my skin.

And still, it was to rain.

The pain washed off the days of my life

I sat on a table top, wondering if that

Day would come when it would rain.

But its raining already. Can't you hear

The drops

Of Neptune

Falling from the sky?

Its going to...

You washed the pieces of broken crockery on the sink.

You prayed in front of the potted idol.

You wasted the breaths unnecessarily,

But I thought it was needed to make you happy.

You called and waited

Beneath the coconut trees

But he never showed up.

You did all the right things

But the real dread behind all

Was behind the one person whom you

Did not tell.

And you lay on the dust of your spirits,

Reclined on your skull

And gasped at the beauty of it.

The bones shattered, rattled, broke

Under you

And you fell into a chasm of silence

Where nothing existed but you.

And you blessed yourself because there was no one left to bless.

He never came under the coconut tree.

You stooped and picked up the rib

That was once you

And broke it into half

And you took the pieces and made them into a pair

And the two ribs led separate lives

Happily ever after.

The myth was for them. It was not for you.

It is not for me.

It will be never for us. Not for you and I.

May 13, 2008

Random conversation.

me: you completely took a wrong turn!!
you: don't think i said anything wrong at all...
you: where did I take a wrong turn?
me: oh yes!! you did not. you merely became frigid and said adios senorita!!
you: you should have brought me back on road...
you: held my hand...
you: and brought me back on the right track...
me: me?? i never bring anyone back. I never hold hands, I run on my own road.
you: ok..
you: I will keep that in mind...
me: if someone follows... they soon lose track
you: ok...
you: what if they use a chopper? Will that help?
me: I will go down the trench babe
you: what if they use a mine drilling equipment?
you: will that help?
me: i shall fly away then
you: ok...
you: what if they have James Bond's rocket back pack?
you: will that help?
me: then i shall become invisible
me: or use nitro and just zoom away.
you: what if they have the latest ray refracting machine?
you: will that help?
you: what if they have capt.spock's nitro rocket?
me: i shall vapourise and turn into a mist and just go
you: will that help?
me: nope
you: what if they have a mist sucking machine?
me: then i shall turn into vampire bats and suck blood out of all and be very happy.
you: what if they have watched the movie 'bats' and know all the methods of capture?
you: will that help?
me: why are we doing this?

We were young people who ran. And ran and ran and ran. We looked no where but towards us. We were unbeatable, indomitable, our head in the clouds. We ran so fast that we never saw what was coming. We never did.

And we were running in different streets with no aim, no way to find, no where to go. We were just running. But then, she crashed into someone and held on. And I tumbled. I tumbled and ran on. We were two people in two different places both with the same aim to reach the mark. But what mark? What? We did not know. We did not know what mark but we loved running free like a wild wild wild thing that did not know where to end. Where to stop. And where to go.

Its been a while. I look for someone to crash into. But I am also afraid of him. That’s why people surround me. Its easy to get lost when you have plenty of people around you.

May 11, 2008

Its A Steal!!

I have lost the cellphone again.

A thief stole it while stealing other things as well. Like my purse and my I-pod.

Apparently I had a conversation with him while I was sleeping.

It went like this.

[Middle of the night. I feel hands rummaging through my side. Sleepily I begin]

Me: (Ke?) Who's this?

Thief: Ami.(Its me.)

Me: Ami? Ami Ke? Ar Phone Nichho Keno? (Me? Me who? And why are you taking my phone?)

Thief: Ma chaichhe. (Mother wants it)

Me: Keno? O to use korte jane na... (Why? She does not know how to use it...)

Thief snaps back: Ami ki jani keno chaichhe... chaichhe tai dichhi. (How do I know why she wants it. I just know she does)

Me : oh okay.

[I go back to sleep.]

I got completely freaked when I saw what had happened. And police enquiry people laughed their heads off when they heard it.

They weren't laughing when they found a knife though. One of those with old bloodstains on it.

May 07, 2008


Hold it tighter

Your knuckles white

Against the slickly advertised phone

Your hair cut in a strange crop

You are the model of greatness

When you run with them.

Who are they you ask?

Why, those who love you!

Your perfect abs and hips

Your devil-may-care smile

And all the girls die at the drop of a line...

Come to them.

They will

Feed you the Dionysian fruits

And I shall watch them,

My hair unbound, the way you like it

My face unmoving and strong,

I gave you my all,

And tonight you are strange

The perfect locks of your hair shaking

When your gaze falls on me

And its all there. Its all there in

The precious darkness where nothing else works,

Only you and I cling

In that darkness I call insecurity.

May 03, 2008

Of Pune and Good Eats

So I have become addicted to this. Oh My Effing Lord, THIS is brilliant.

SO. Marriages sort of cloud the family again. It seems I have endless cousins all of marriageable age, and all of them are surrendering their effing wickets like Knight Riders and feeling happy about it and its my turn next everywhere and I don't know whattodo OMG I sound paranoid now...

Which I am.

Its allgood though.

After Dorabjee's, it is.

I first heard about it when I was 10. I have people visiting Pune for a long time and EVERYONE told me about that place. And so I went.

Sorry. I cannot describe the food. It is. Out. Of. This. WORLD.

I will just post another picture. Y'all can drool.

Needless to say, the chicken was AMAZING. The chicken mushroom pie was succulent and tender. The Lemon tart was just There to make me happy, and the caramel custard Pudding was OMG.

I want to go back there. Again.