A Liar's Guide to the Dreams..

In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

October 29, 2010

To Do...

Or Not! It's always the same question. Depression and paranoia creates a tale of tragedy inside the head which is often confusing, irrational and eerily stupid, but you still want to do it because once upon a time you thought it was super cool to have another someone inside your head. And now that certain someone in her Über snooty voice tells you that you were, like always, WRONG.

August 02, 2010

Tearing Up The Page

At this moment I am deleting you from me. But then again, rubbing you off would not make me forget the lessons I have learned from you. And it pains me to see you now, because you would never be able to measure up to what you lost.

Welcome to your new life my love. You are welcome to it.

I cannot rub the page out of my life. But I can tear it. Because tearing it off is more violent and destructive and at this moment I feel the ruination running through my veins. I would like to eat you up and ingest you. But then again, you shall think that is too much of my passion and you are too afraid of me anyway.

So Run Away. Run Run as fast as you can. Because I won't follow. Not this time. Not this time.

July 08, 2010

Conversing with You

Me: its different when you start a story
but now we are ending it.
isn't it painful when a story ends? when the end is thrust upon you?
i dont know whether i am prepared to say it is over or not. but there's nothing more painful to end something.

You: nope it gives a few system bots to make a procession or a party to remember the dead soul and thus kill time in the process..

Me: not the literal, but the figurative death
would we ever come to terms with the concept of end?
its so... final.

You: there is no end ..

Me: but there is. there is. every moment is an end in itself. dont you hate it when you end like that?

You: nope there is no end ..you will soon be born again and then grinding again ..

Me: i dont know. but that birth wont be this
that me wont be this one
i want to not end this human life that i am. but there is no way to immortalize me
i am ending every moment i stay here
You: your life is a movie nothing more..
you are acting under the hope of your dreams and happiness which you will never find ..

Me: I am nothing. Less than nothing. And dreams.

May 27, 2010

Being Private About It

Evidently, I was wrong when I assumed men liked privacy. It seems, when you, the soul of sobriety that you are, do not touch their fingers in public, make them bristle with anger and shake with rage. They claim revenge, and call you names, and think that the love is gone. One even went so far as to say ---

"I think I am pregnant."

Me: But I thought we used all forms of protections, especially the verbal ones!

Him: I know, but it seems that I am.

I was mortified. "Am I the father?", I asked him.

Him: I'm not sure yet.

Me: What? You've been sleeping around!! Kultaaa!!!

And this is the reason why men can be tedious, boring, annoying, but still adorable.

May 10, 2010


I am so in love with this song. I can nearly feel the insane rhythms to my bones. It is almost a relief to note that there are others who love love love this song too. This one's dedicated to my darling peep.

Check out the youtube link

Here's the lyrics too.

ABC's - Knaan feat Chubb Rock

Bundle up my whole style is so cold
I glow like old guys who go bald
My flow got no front in the vocal
Your flow got no button its so old

I don't mean to sound like a showboat
But it's true my persona's no joke
I stepped into some kinda portal
I'm legend and sometimes I'm noble

I'm from the most risky zone - oh
No place is more shifty global
More pistols, Russian revolvers
We shootin' all that is normal

But it ain't just because we want to
We ain't got nowhere we can run to
Somebody please press the undo
They only teach us the things that guns do

They don't teach us the ABCs
We play on the hard concrete
All we got is life on the streets
All we got is life on the streets

(Chubb Rock)
Rock, you know my era
B-boy seasoning, salt -n- pepa
Grown and sexy, come with the extra
Crushed up linen, fly like sess-a
This type brew I gave it birth
Now it's time again to give it a verse
Jamaican born, not a fan of the ganja
______ Brooklyn to Somalia
And it goes in the background
Playa, that is my sound
The green doesn't symbolize I made it on the top
Pioneer legend, and they call me Mr. Rock
No B word or N word, I don't need those words (no)
Respect for hers
The game dried up, so we come with the grease
Leadin' ya right and treatin' ya right, so peace


Superman is known by the locals
As this dude who's so fly it's global
Attitude that came outta struggle
Destitute but I make it hopeful

You real, but my real is tenfold
My real'll make yours a rental
Gangsta if at ease, essential
Fight with guns or utensils

So bold nothin's confidential
Breakfast was not continental
And lunch could not compliment all
We still become competent souls

These streets ain't paved with no gold
Matter fact someone stole the light bulb
Nobody fat enough for lypo
They don't teach us to read and write, so...

March 13, 2010

Doesn't Saying Sorry Help?

I don't know. I just tried it. It does not work apparently.

It is still not alright. How can I make it better? How can I make it better? I ask myself over and over again.

Oh no, oh no ohno.... I will lose another friend. I cannot lose another friend. I cannot. It is going to be too much for me to bear it this time. How can I breathe? I cannot breathe now... I cannot breathe if I lose you. But don't you know you are a part of me now, and parts of me cannot be broken apart like that?

Don't break me. Don't break me.

Just. Please. Don't.

March 04, 2010

February 25, 2010

Enclosing Comment

"Wouldn't the world be great if we could all have what we deserved? But then, you deserve a slap and I deserve chocolates. And both of us are getting exactly what we deserve."

February 13, 2010


I met my Mado today. She was given a ring.

Oh well, another one of my conquest.

January 26, 2010


The page quivers in silence,
Angry scratches pour in
Astounding is the way I rape defile the purity
Of the fine white planes.

These words are maudlin
Written on my body and
Angst pouring in the finer tip
Of the revolting pen.

Strangely enough
It feels like the purgatory is
Waiting for the emotions and memories
To connect midnight with desires stirred once

Yes, now, yes, now, now
The page is torn in half
And the ink congeals
On the superficial words
The ink glares back at me
Unwilling to admit the perpetration it has committed.

I stare at the paper.
Fool! Fool! Fool! Betrayer!

January 16, 2010

Yapping Along...

Dear Readers,

This is a post on disclaimers incidents. It is indeed well in the second decade of the new millennium and my blog remains happily overwhelmed by random acts of violence, passionate proclamations and insulting usage of Americanized English which Firefox seems to allow solo (Actually, the technically challenged part of me is too lazy to switch from Eng US to Eng UK because I want to keep my spellings correct and American... and because I hate seeing the red alert underlining my summarised when I write it that way). I don't know why, but the red seem to censure my act, and so I stand chastened by a browser. I wish I'd switched to Google Chrome (YES SAPTARSHI, I DID, BUT I LIKE MY OLD FAITHFUL BECAUSE I CAN DOWNLOAD VIDEOS BETTER HERE).

A few days or a lifetime ago, I was walking down JUDE with a jar of chocolate paste and hapless victims who were willing to be my guinea pigs. It had interesting results.

And then another day I decided to go for a walk with Saptarshi and Arka and talked our heads off about food. I love it when I can talk heads off about something I really like and can talk to someone about it.

I realize that I do not speak/talk inside my house, except for giving instructions or screaming insults.

I decided to cook up the perfect batch of Chocolate paste the other day. It finally gor right after three tries. All volunteers are hereby thanked.

The new year woke me up with a bang, literally. At ten in the morning some idiots were setting up a "milan mancha" (Honestly, as if they've never seen each other or hurled abuse and garbage on them!!) and started playing "Aye mere vatan ke Logo" and such. I, deluded for a second, said, "Happy Independence Day??" Sayani apparently replied: "Gandu!" and promptly turned over and snored some more.

Catering is fun. Pablo, I am thankful to you for making me realize there is YET another job I can easily take up (of course I am doing it on the sly, but still... a full time job!! )

I gave Dhruva a surprise. He was. Very much.

Despite knowing everything and doing so much, I have realized something this year. This blog is about me. Me. Me. I. I. And its going to be this way. As long as I feel like.

And here are a few trivial piece of nothing that you learnt about me today.

By the by, American English does not recognize LEARNT (which they spell LEARNED) and recognises FUCK. Just an observation.