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In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

April 04, 2006


This world is after me. But I Don't care. Why should I??

This has been a disastrous week. I hate it with my soul.

Sorry reader, I have to explain the current state of misery, hmm??

First was the Vote ID making..... 3 hours in the sun.

Then was the SEMINAR from HELL, where I got Jharofied by TINTINDA.

Then came my TV appearance (and here I would like to thank all who did not see the programme thinking I was fooling them).

And then came this!!!

It began about 10 days ago when a long term chat buddy R*** called up after a year or so. I being naive, talked to him for all of 20 minutes, about several very general topics. After that we rang off amicably, and that was the end of it.

Today, I got a call from a fellow:

Caller X : Hello.

Panu : Hello? Ke? (who's this?)

X : Are you free now?

Panu : erm... what??

X : Look, I am a Friend of R*** ... he gave me your number and told me to call you.

Panu : But may I know who is this??

X : I'm X***

Panu : And why are you calling me?

X : R*** said you are very good at *uh* *slight gulp* certain stuffs...

Panu *genuinely bewildered* : what Stuffs???

X : You know, phone sex and things. He said, you were very good at it.

Panu : WHAT!!!

X : Er... whats your charge-------

*At that Point, Panu put the phone down*

I know my blog name is silly and suggestive, but honest to GOD, if it was not meant to tease or tempt. I just wanted to keep something my Chhota gave me.

And yes, I am no prude, but somehow I still believe in Virginity and Happily Ever After and the whole Valentinoesque sweeping off feet part (though I admit that sweeping off part is a bit difficult, considering my size).

But I hate being lied to and lied about.



Ron said...

God!!! These chat buddies usually turn out to be total creeps. I thought I had a nice chat buddy in this one guy, till the day he started asking me my size!!! Most inistent. And Yahoo is really irritating when it comes to blocking people, they seem to resurface no matter how many times you block them! Gah!

Acroyali said...

woah! thats bizzare!

panu said...

ron & Aroyali - I Agree Wholeheartedly!! Very Bizzare and Very Creepy!!

Loki said...

I'm sorry, but I do not see what is so suggestive about Panu ? Does it mean "She who converses about sexual topics with people whose faces she cannot see" ??

It seems I won't be the only one laughing about past incidents with my shrink !! Hey ... you wanna get a group therapy discount ?

babelfish said...

Loki is obviously obangali, maybe you should explain what panu is short for :D
Given I haven't known you for long and I probably don't know you very well either but on the basis of past conversations I think I'll make a point and hope you won't find it too objectionable.
Obviously no one would accuse you of being suggestive on the basis of a blog name or a yahoo messnger id (I mean my blog name does not imply I am a finny polyglot).
But if this person is a long term chat buddy and if you have displayed even a fraction of the verbal suggestiveness that you tend to exhibit in college you do realize you might have given R some very wrong ideas to begin with. I mean, nothing in your post suggests that R was anything more than a random stranger in a chat room. And how long term is long-term anyway?

panu said...

Norse God of Mischief - LISTEN to BABEL...

Babel - hmmm... do you think 5 years was long term?

Anyway, the whole thing has gotten sorted out. Apparently, some guy in his office got hold of Roop's Address book and played this little Prank.

And I know BABEL, I know How I am. But honest to God, If I could help being me, I would. Trouble is...

Loki said...

I googled Panu ... and what do I find ? I was right about the meaning !!

babelfish said...

ooof who says google is the last word on everything?!!!
Dear loki, panu is an oft used bengali slang word..it is derived from the word pornography. Nowhere near as complicated as you made it out to be :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the links. Will search them pronto. M

Anonymous said...

what'd i say...I was thinking this bullshit only happens in Mumbai & Delhi, now came to know kolkata isn't far behind..

panu said...

Babel, thanx for clarifying [i] that [/i] matter.
dereling deri, the pleasure's all mine!!

Roy, finally you agree that its not me, its the world.

panu said...

OKAY, and CAN anyone tell me how to write stuffs in italics and bold in these messages???


Anonymous said...

Hm Panu,am sorry to hear such a case. I have been cheated many a times by chatters too; be it or guys or gals(or guys posing to be gals). This world isn't really worth to make a sense. But still I chat! Good enetrtainment for me to see how so called educated buffs behave stupidly. At times they even prove their parents wrong. I wish their parents could come and see them in chat rooms and thereafter. Is that for this reason you have stopped coming to chat rooms?

Bottomline: Me a guy.

Mon said...

oh i feel so sorry abt wht u had to hear... wonder wht u must have gone thr - a creep talking all f***shit!! hope u fine now... dnt think too much abt wht happened, just be careful in future...

panu said...

anon - do I know you??

Mon - I know... creeps come in all shapes and sizes. sometimes i feel that the world constantly conspires against me. this is one of them.

Anonymous said...


May this POILA BAISHAK brings somany sunshine in ur life that u need sunglasses...


panu said...

thankest thee ROY