A Liar's Guide to the Dreams..

In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

July 01, 2006


Down the rivers of Baby-lone this porno-loving beeyach went to spend her hard earned money on yet another muscle-bound flick because it was a boring saturday afternoon and she had nothing else to do.

So she was snared by fellow wannabe profess-whore Anni who dragged her to the nearest sleaze-theatre where every song was greeted by dudes dancing on the seats, and the first sight of the STAR earned him roars of appreciation and Sities (I.E. Long, pronounced whistles). Twice Panu's coke was spilled because the arse-jerk beside her had to scream "Hrithik!!!"

This Offended Panu. Seriously, did he think Panu was so ignorant as to not know whose flick it was?


And though I know Indian blogsphere is protected by a certain jock-slapping-fat-arsed-haute-beeyach with fabulous complexion (enough to give me a complex), but someone had to take up the position Shaktiman left off and Hatim wasnt really cutting it. Places like tank.com called Kriish the most awaited Hrithik movie, the sequel to the famous spastic superdream Koi Mil Gaya, that made the word alien second famous in the hindi dictionary, the first one being Jaggu.... erm Jaadoo (name of that particular alien who was featured there, means magic).

And after seeing it I can say that those of us who love hindi films taken to the levels of absurdity by copy-paste should go and see Kriish.

Remember Paycheck?? The Ben Affleck flick?? A computer that can see the future?? There.

Remember Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon??? Those IMPOSSIBLE leaps made by Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh and Zang Ziyi?? There too.

Remember Spiderman?? The spider-walks and hangs??? There as well.

Enough Remembering. All in all, the morale of this story is never cross no spastic papa who has a wannabe superhero at home.
But anyhow, the only saving grace of this movie was the star. It was enough to see that Hrithik's long absence from the movie world has not lessened his ability to act. He still can. Very well indeed. And he was the sole reason why I did not walk away after viewing the first half. And maybe because I loved the cinematography.

And perhaps because I loved the muscles.... what flesh...

I should get laid. I should.

I mean, I have been reduced to watching Chunkey Pandey on filmy channel on a sunday evening!!



good morning, midnight said...


rainbeau_peep said...

Iye. U should get laid. U should. This .. uhm ... fixation with my brihot puchho is ... uhm ... unnerving. Also, me no slap no jock! Aare, u tihnk if a jock smacked his lips at me, i wouldn't smack mine right back?! The man i slapped was pot-bellied and hiding his years with orange dye .. or henna. most unjocklike.
And amar fab complexion?!?! Mairi?!?! Mukhe to bhorti fNora!!!
Nah, abar bolchi. Chaw bey kori. :-[

panu said...

Gmm - now now young lady... thats no way to discard a perfectly untolerable script!!

Peep - er... er... Such, GMM, Anni, Debo ar Priyanka jodi life theke beriye jay, ami tor offer ta definitely accept korbo. Ar bolish na, meye dekha amar anekdiner obhhesh, Such er theke sekha. Ar fora bole oguloke orash na. Eastern Myth of beauty onujayi small flaws enhances beauty.

goodstryker2003 said...

JUDEans should get their head checked by a jumbo jet!! you must have been the girl i've been seeing raising your arms towards the skies (heaven isn't really there you know) n shouting "Hrithik ! hrithik!!where are you??". i mean how could anyone actually go n sit through the whole movie...u deserve to watch chunky ....

panu said...

Goodstryker2003 - Erm... erm.... no. I dont think that was me. That was probably Anni.