A Liar's Guide to the Dreams..

In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

October 27, 2006

Once there was a Cow...

And that was fattened and cut up.

And poor Panu was stuck with the calf.

So at this point if anyone wonders what the heck is this sadly demented woman screeching about, I daresay, the calf is a symbol. A symbol for dewy-eyed susceptibility and an unerring nose for trouble.

This has been my punishment, my sorrow, my unfortunateness that there was once a DON, who was ze Great Boss....

And then there was the calf. The Clone. The deceptive little thing that was nigh on impossible to make out from outside what it was going to be. That thrill of anticipation was so great that even Panu decided to place a bet on the outcome.

RESULT : Ah, clones are never the same. Just look at Dolly. And look at Rampal trying to be Pran, OH THE DISGUST it fills me with {together with a healthy dose of lust to see those gorgeous mass-scale muscles on the move.... thanks Mr. Almighty for still keeping thick-skinned men whom women(and of course, the occassional male as well) ogle}.

And then came that stutterer whom I expected to say "d-d-d-d-donji!!" any moment in the film, and somewhere in the first half-an-hour, I started to regret not going to see "Jaan-e-Mann" (where there were a lot of long-haired bare-chested crying men, from those reports I heard.... and nicer songs).

So all in all, NO, I WAS NOT HAPPY To Spend hard-earned money on something that was a cross between Duplicate and Manikchand Ad.

And advice to all who will be spending their hard-earned cash in the near future for it : Please. You'll get the CD of the real thing for a few rupees... stick to it.

Nobody, but nobody can beat the Big B.

October 15, 2006

*hem hem*

The Theory of Relativity

And no, it aint Einstein.

So, on an uncertain evening of October, the grandparents of a cousin land on our pujo-Aching backs, just as we were recovering from seeing off one set of Grand-Parents (By Grand, I DO MEAN Grand, I.E. Ma Durga and her Brats.... they were quite demanding I dare say, Looking for brand new benarashi sarees and blisters on poor big toes... ) on and with truckloads of maniacs who waylaid anyone who got in the way....

Anyway, they are mean, and they are here to stay. For the next six days. Just when I had all the intents to work on my TERM PAPERS. THREE TERM PAPERS. And at the verge of it, my poor room gets ransacked (I.E. I have to clean it because clearly those grandparents will go with a magnifying glass to find specks of dusts on unsuspecting places and then go home and tell all about uncivilized women who keep their room according to their convenience. As a result, prospective mother-in-laws in HYDERABAD will turn their faces from the evil woman who will ruin their poor son's life by breathing the same air and therefore leave Panu a very miserable spinster desperate enough to date girls and whatnot).

SO my room is not mine anymore. Those two will lay their bald and black hair on my pillows, totally disregard my raggedy pillow that I just have to smother my face in, in order to go to a restful and much desired slumber, after a night of insomnia. They will be mutilating my racks of books for a bangla thriller (while all they find is a banged up Gitobitan, a Tenida Samagra, my Parashuram and Tarashankar collection) and lament that "P=== r joto Jadobpurer aantlaami.... apasanaskriti"(Panu suffers from false Jadavpurian intellectual pangs... signs of unculture) . And this from people who spell my name with the greatest amount of incorrectness possible.

And on top of them, I cant say a word. I must run now.... Gotta cook up something for them.



October 06, 2006

Sheempel Plejaarsh.

Well, I have been tagged by Miss Peep and therephore, I have begun a deep search deep within my heart and realized that I love a lot of things in life, but most of that is kind of twisted and extremely un-simple... er... I mean, they are complulukated.

So ten simple pleasures of myn lyf.

10. Rain. The first drops on the dry earth and the musky smell and the wet spots on my schoolclothes to the day after day drops of Jupiter, and moving through knee-deep water. Come to think about it, I also love the sound of Thunder and the Blinding Lightning. Sometimes I go upstairs just before a storm and stand there till rain drench me.

9. Working with my pets. They are so trusting, they love me for exactly what I am, not for what I have or who I am going to be. I feel so content when Ghotu perches on my shoulder and playfully pull my glasses or my earlobe.

8. Cooking. It relaxes me after a hard day's work to let some of the tensions on an unsuspecting alur dom or chicken teriyaki.

7. Music. My kind of mushic. When I want to hear them.

6. A good Mills and Boon. To cry my eyes out at the brink when I am drowning in Derrida or fouling up Foucault.

5. Chocolates. I think I am an addict. I love caramel-filled, Butterscotchy chocolates, oozing calories. as they melt in my mouth.

4. Weightloss. Ah... the moments when someone says I have lost weight, or that I look good. Ah puppy fat. GOOD RIDDANCE.

3. Walking miles and miles with Andro. Anywhere.

2. My room. I love my room. I love my bed and all the junk on it, my bookcases bulging with book, my casette player that refuses to play casettes, my mountain of xeroxes and most of all my pillows. My small, thin pillow that I refuse to let go of.

1. Reading before sleeping. Almost anything goes there, but I remember once I was desperate enough to read my accountancy book. I daresay I had a very restless night.


I tag others. Just you unsuspecting creatures wait.

A community thank you note

This I sent to all my friends at Orkut. I had to post it here as well.

Shubho Bijoya to you. May this year be as great as physically and spiritually plausible.

Thank you thank you whoever sent me birthday greetings. I mathapete take JAP's Ayush'man' bhava.... HOW THOUGHT(?)FUL.

Aritra - I shall put myself in the third position.

Rimi - Saatkhun maaf.

Rashidi Gargidi Amritadi Kurry - Thank you so much

School Friends - Thanks Satu, Arps, Raws, Goru,Priyanki, Idrisha, Arjun,Arunava, debipriya, surupa, Kamu, and everyone of you who wished me. Whoever did not, I magnanimously forgive you all.

Swayam - bhaier underwear Sujan ferot diyechhe??

Jennifer - ah thanks babe.

Sriram, subhankar, Alone in the dark, debashis, Dev, sujoy, Abhik, Sudip, Zesporking, soumen, jhilom, Shiv - thank you so much

Suchismita didi - birthday went well, got a bit mussed by pujos.

Antara shaoli srimoyee priyanka - I love you all and really sorry about nabami. I shall tell you the horror story later.

Lagnajita - thank you

Rosy - Ahh, you sweetie.

Kaichu - Sikkim theke fire amar oi boita dhar chai bole rakhlam.

Shutapa - Love you hun.

Somak dada - thank you, sediner surprise kemon chhilo??

Pritam - ah you know I would save you for last. Thanks for the card, you thoughtful thing.

And all who forgot, I forgive you.

Shubho bijoya ebong samabeto kolakuli.