A Liar's Guide to the Dreams..

In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

February 19, 2007

Hmm. The season changes with misty murkiness, and Panu realizes that her time in JUDE is almost up. Another three months, and she shall be able to put the words M.A. after her name. And be off to the wider world of nasty, annoying superficiality that awaits her star-struck gaze.

So what’s so new about the world that she has not seen already? Now, now, lets not pretend here. Panu has seen the world. She has seen this little universe she inhabits to the minutest details… and experienced and criticized in her mind, analyzing and putting away the bile that has been stored up within, only to vomit them out here, in this particular post she is writing.

No, strangely enough, this is not a bitch post, as her friend Rimi calls them. Panu cannot bitch about people all that much. She really can’t put people down at the drop of a hat, either. That's because Panu believes in looking into a person’s face and telling him/her exactly whom he/she is messing with.

By the way, to tell the truth, bitching does have its advantages and sometimes Panu does indulge it in a bit, but nothing she cannot repeat in the face of the person concerned.

You know what? Lets make this a funny post, filled with nothing in it. I would like to be superficial. I do believe that it takes a lot of depth to be superficial. But to be nasty and superficial, it takes a lot more.

Panu is becoming famous. People are bitching about her behind her back. Wow!! That's like… super good, cause that means, they somehow feel threatened by Panu’s existence. It means, they consider her to be a challenge, and therefore needs to be put down. Panu would like to say that she feels like Shylock, who had to be sent out of the play for all to be better. Or like Feste in Twelfth Night who became steadily numb as “rain it raineth every day”.

What else? All right. This was not a post in defense of me, or an apology for being me, although this might be called by the backbiters both… This is an acknowledgement of me being me. I am, and therefore I am. And I will be me. No changes. I wont change… not become anorexic because my haute friends thinks I should lose 20 kilos right away, not change my attitude though people might think I am slow and stupid… and yes, basically be exactly the way I am, and remain uncaring and unconcerned, and in general the Mary Poppins attitude I do possess.

P.S. this post was to vent the irritation. I hate losers who have nothing else to do but be nasty to others, however learned they might be. Otherwise, I’m cool.


babelfish said...

they somehow feel threatened by Panu’s existence. It means, they consider her to be a challenge, and therefore needs to be put down.

nope. the main reason people say things behind other people's back is because they don't want to hurt any feelings. i could do a list of things i don't like about you and you'd either feel bad or make a similar list about me. and what would be the point? either change or ignore. it's always your choice.

panu said...

I generally Ignore. But you know what, today someone said something that really got on my nerves. It has been boiling inside me for a few months, and guess all came at a go.

Stress, re. I still have freaking Shoved-up-me-hole Loomba to do. along with the rest of the syllabus.


kaichu said...

hehe. babes, i'm glad u did the post. i hope it helped. and oh yes, talk to ya off-line. that is, in real life!

boimela rocks!!!!

Anonymous said...

hhahaa...i was abt to post a comment asking you to fuck all and ofcourse the patent hug but THIS is hilarious if you know what i mean...JU and its ppl never cease to amaze me..but baby love you for who you are..rock on girl...

panu said...

Kaichu - It does. And rules as well.

Anon, and i am guessing this is fish - you rock too baby. love u too.

madhurima said...

People those who say things behind other people's back needs "bot-tola choti boi"....


panudebi, come on, what are you here for???? give them some!!!

panu said...

will be!!