A Liar's Guide to the Dreams..

In the dead of the night, the dreams come in one by one. They cling to you with soft acceptance, and they know it all..

These are the dreams which leave a note of remembrance. They cling to our tongues like a bittersweet delight.

They feel familiar, though their flavour melts in the mouth... and taste distinctly unusual.

January 06, 2006

Here We Go... One more Time...

Well, its a brand new year of sameness. Camus was right. The only way out of this mess is *Suicide*(For Suicide, do not think its physical or something. Its not. Its actually a Spiritual thingy).

So, I have taken up my optional subjects this term... *Guess Guess*

Its Renaissance Political Thought and Queer Studies.

Simply because Of two things... (A) Renaissance Political Thought is being taken by ADG, and I can legitimately watch gay porn and Will and Grace (with my annoying pest of a Sister's blessings) in public. Moreover, I have realized that I score better with my own sex rather than the opposite, so there!!

Anyway, I have discovered and seen some really amazing things during the last year... call them my new year discoveries for the year 2005.

(1) My little sister (she's 11) watches and loves LINKIN PARK and Oasis... I mean... I knew she loved Eminem's songs( all of them), but this is too much... she especially adores "points of authority", "Crawling" and "In the end"what has really moved me is her identification of me as her "Wonderwalls" (at this point, those who knows me knows that I am Trying to lose weight). My conclusion at this is short : Watch out 'Aantellectual' UNIVERSITIES... here comes another one in a few years...

(2) My pet Cocktail(if the spelling's wrong please do NOT contradict me... the person who gifted us the creatures told me that name) birds, Ghotu (short for Aghaton-ghaton-potioshi) and Chalu (short for Chaalbaaj) have learned to annoy me successfully... In the morning, precisely at 6.00, the two creatures start to yell..."O DIDI!! O DIDIDIDI...!!! OOOO DIIIDDIIII!!!!..." and heaven help me if I am not there by time... they scream the house down till I go and give them a "OI CHUP!! CHOAP!! CHUUP!!" and they return my annoyed outburst with "CHOAP" and then sofly coo "O GHOTU!! O GHOTU!! O DIDI!! AW GHOTU!!" and continue till I give them a good scratch around their head and then take them out of their cage for a little ride on my shoulder (I look like HANUMAN carrying RAM LAXMAN on his shoulders). And Ghotu loves biting my rings off my finger, and Chalu loves Muri. And they love dancing with ringtones of my Mobile.

(3) The JUDE Blog. Where everyone's posts get commented upon but myn!! (and I will turn some NASTY OLD ENGLISH POSTS TO THAT DAMN SITE IF THIS CONTINUES)

(4) The wonder of BLIND DATING. MY COMMENT: Love is blind. We are not.

) Kanye West. Diamonds from Sierra Leone.

(6) Dan Brown.

(7) My DAD's First love. I would rather not go into details. Its pretty gory.

(8) A whole array of NET Buddies. Thanks to some old and dear friends. Thanks to
REDIFF Chat ... KHONIKER OTITHI, PROTONRIVER, BULET, HABULSEN, SUNSHINES BRIGHTLY, ARYANRAY, and RONGPENCIL... Thanx for being there when I sobbed and sighed. AND Some friends who were there WAY before.

(9) I have a LOT of enemies. It was not evident before, but now I can clearly see the people who are trying to make me fall. And the worst is the mirror.

(10) As my parents insist, I have realized that I am marriage material. People actually came to 'See' me (one day I will be cracking up laughing about the whole thing... with my psychiatrist!!) and (worse) they liked me.

Well... that concludes my yearly discoveries.. at least I can safely say that it could have been worse... or better ... at the end of 2004, I discovered I was BI.